Roulette Rules: Boost Your Winning Ratio by Playing the Right Way

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Following inward from our roulette guide we now take you deep into the realms of the roulette rules so you know what to expect if you are a beginner to this classic gambling game.

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Given the number of ways to bet and test your lucky numbers, at first glance of a roulette table it might seem a bit odd or off putting. Have no fear this is just the many ways you can win when playing the roulette wheel. Once we discuss the roulette rules, we can then focus on the roulette betting rules so you know the option ahead.

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Roulette is very simple, of all the games the roulette rules casino operators instil are perhaps the easiest. Remember this is machine gaming when it comes to roulette so the rules of roulette are inherently basic, simple and very easy to grasp. For the ‘standard game’ you have one ball, this will land on the numbers which you have hopefully chosen when the wheel is spun. First, you select the wager amount of the chips then simply place a bet or bets.

Know all the casino roulette rules even when playing against the dealer at a live roulette table

There are a number of different options that you face when picking a table to play on. As such there are not that much change in the rules. European roulette rules only differ by one aspect from the American roulette rules because of the additional zero option on the wheel. With games like French roulette the only change is the table layout. Each game contains the same house edge and odds so don’t panic over trying something else.

Strategies also play a part in the rules of roulette so pick the right game to get the best returns

Casino roulette rules have no effect on the strategy or what you place down as betting options. You can pick as many ways as you like pick red black, odds even, line options, quadrants, single bets and multi bets basically if it’s on the table you can put money on it.

When it come to the live format of roulette casino rules are the same for the game but the casinos might have wager limits that they spin on. So they could have limited payout values from low, medium and high stakes. Some have no limits!

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Once you learn and feel confident of the rules of roulette then you can try the free games to boost your player tactics. Use the same roulette game rules on the real money games and play with bonuses to win free money. All options are available through our site.